Let Me Introduce Myself

Well, hello there!
Let me introduce myself to you.
I am an eighteen year old homeschooled girl who is happy to call a wonderful countryside her home. I am a firm believer in Jesus Christ and my life purpose is to glorify Him with every breath I am given.
I am a farm girl and am not afraid to get dirty, although I do enjoy a good cup of tea and a good book as well.
Some of my favorite things are: hugs, the sound of rain, good coffee, heart to heart's, old and rusty teal pickup trucks, anything romantic (hey, I'm a girl!), good books, laughs, soft sweaters, jalapeno cheese bread and traveling. There's plenty more, but...:)
I am so blessed you stopped by to my little corner in the blogging world, and hey! Why don't you stay awhile? :)
Be blessed!

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