Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Take Off Your Shoes--This is Holy Ground

I look down at my feet. The ground doesn't appear holy. I am in the mundane doing what I always do. There was not a single extraordinary detail about today. And yet, there was a command to take off my shoes...this was holy ground. I wondered what it was I was missing. I thought back to the times when I had felt the sacredness around me. When I was in the large marble hallways, awed by what God had done, and wondering how I would hold onto the beauty. The time when I was on top of the mountain, looking down as the sun rays shone on the world below. The times when I was in the sacred place of worship, when God met me there in a way that took my breath away.
I began to see that God is still God, wherever we are, whatever we are doing, and despite how we feel. The sacredness never leaves, it sometimes just gets lost in the shuffle of life. It is hard to count the blessings in the chaos of life. But when I do, I am filled. And so I look down at my feet again. I see the ground through new eyes. There was a holiness about it that I couldn't see before. I slip of my shoes, my bare feet on the cold floor. This is holy ground.

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