Sunday, December 30, 2012

Beautiful People

Elizabeth Ros said "Beautiful people do not just happen." She is right. Beauty is not something gained by perfect hair, or hours in a tanning salon. Instead beauty is gained by heartache. It is kind of an outrageous statement, but it's true. The most beautiful people I know are not always those first noticed in a crowd. They are not the "barbie-doll-movie-starlet" that society deems as beautiful.
They posses instead, an inner beauty that has been shaped by the storms of life. These people have known pain, heartache, loss, abuse, and have lived in the "desert". Despite the brokenness, Christ was working in each heart, for His purpose. He brought healing, and filled the deepest corner of their lonely hearts.
Now, these people absolutely shine! They have now, a deeper appreciation for life. They have a genuine spirit about them, perhaps now they understand heartbreak in a very real way. They can understand what others may not. They can offer hope when everything seems hopeless. Because they have been there, and God has delivered them. It's truly a beautiful thing.
I have been blessed to know a handful of beautiful people in my lifetime. They have blessed me beyond words. They have given me hope because I know that if God worked for good in their life-He has a good plan for me too. They have taken time to understand me; to make sure my heart was right. They have encouraged me to keep walking in faith. And all the while, they shone with the glorious light of Christ--showing me that beauty was a condition of the heart.


  1. What a lovely post! You are right. Beauty is a condition of your heart, much like thanksgiving and joy and love and all those things which we admire MOST in people. Thank you for blogging this, Kaitlan. :)

  2. Now if I had only seen this two days ago. Thank you so much for putting good into this world by what you write on your blogs Kaitlan. It does wonders in my thinking!!