Saturday, December 29, 2012

Even If It Breaks Your Heart

The room is empty. She paces, back and forth, her bare feet gliding across the smooth wooden surface. Her steps match the restlessness in her heart. Finally she gives up, and settles herself at the window. The snow falls gently, serenading the outside world in white.
A tear slips from her cheek. She didn't think it fair.
She was a dreamer.
And yet, she watched from afar as everyone else's dreams came true and her's just broke into pieces before her.
Her dreams had fallen apart time and time before; she felt she could not risk her heart another time. She could not be hurt again.
Keep dreaming, even if it breaks your heart.
Yes, the words rang true in her ears. She could not give up. She is a dreamer and she must keep dreaming. She must make her desires match her King's. The dreams in her heart must be held to a higher standard....she could not afford to live for herself any longer. Dreaming with a purpose--a learned skill. But one that is worth the effort it takes.
She must take the risk, of loving again. Of trusting again. She may be hurt again, but this life was not meant to be lived alone. She would keep loving, and pouring into the lives of those around her. She would rise up to meet her King's standard. And most importantly, she would fill her heart with dreams, because she knows that her King will fulfill her deepest desires. Perhaps not in ways that she was expecting, but in the end, the mess would be turned beautiful.
Because of this hope, she could keep dreaming, even if it breaks her heart.

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